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What is an optimized URL structure for an e-commerce website?

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    Be it an Ecommerce Website or any other, here is what you can follow:
    emove Extra Words. You should remove words that don't add significance to the URL (sometimes called stop words), for the sake of readability
    Relevant Keywords
    Easily Readable
    Utilize Hyphens and Underscores
    Single Domain and Subdomain
    Canonicalize When Possible
    Exclude Dynamic Parameters
    Match URLs and Titles

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    Optimize YOUR URL structure for an e-commerce website

    Having an SEO friendly URL structure helps both users and search engines navigate a website.

    The site structure and URL structure are closely related since both have to accurately represent each other.

    For example, if you have an ecommerce store selling electronics and have a section for Tablets, then your site structure can be like this:

    Home page / Tablets / Android / Ipad

    And your URL structure like this: and

    When a word is removed from the URL then the page www.examples/tablets should display all available tablets.

    Use the following guidelines to optimize the URL structure of your ecommerce website:

    #1 – Keep your URLS as short as possible

    #2 – Separate keywords in the URL with “-“ (dashes) and not underscores

    #3- Avoid having extra characters that are not needed (for examples numbers that don’t make sense for the user)

    #4 – Do include attributes of your products in the URL

    #5 – Use only lowercase characters and avoid spaces

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