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How’s everyone doing? Welcome back to our article of How To Series for Magento 2 where we are going to understand Magento 2: How To Import Products with Custom Product Types. Previously, in our most recent article we have learned about Magento 2: How to Save Custom Attribute Value After Customer Register

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Let’s Get deep into this🚀

Basically, Magento 2 is very flexible when considered features. It has an inbuilt functionality where by default one can import and export products and many more things from the admin directly. But in condition, there are mandatory rules to follow while we are implementing the importing and exporting products in Magento 2. You can import-export products like a simple product, virtual products, etc. But in case what if you want to import products with custom product types? No worries, the below-given code will help you in importing products with custom product types.

Let’s Code It
Step 1: Firstly, we need to create import.xml file at the following path,

app\code\Vendor\Extension\etc and add the below code

for full source code detail: https://magecomp.com/blog/magento-2-...-product-type/

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