Request for quotation is a process of allowing buyers to negotiate the price of products and encourage them to buy more products. It's a win-win process for both online retailers and buyers.

Buyers can purchase products at a cheap rate whereas sellers can sell more products with the best price. The essential features that a Request for Quota Magento 2 Extension should have are as follows:

  • Easy To Install
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Easy To Send Quote Request.
  • Spamming Prevention (Using Google ReCaptcha).
  • Custom Email Template.
  • Custom Request For Quote Link.
  • Also, allow guest visitors to buy products to negotiate the price and buy bulk products.

Using the best Request for Quote Extension, store owners can personalize the selling process and gain more profit. It helps to know the buyer's requirements and suggest them the best prices on making a bulk purchase.

Bonus point for Store owner:

  • Allow Customers To Create Quotes Request Easily.
  • First Try To Understand Customers Requirement
  • Provide Specific Discounts To Bulk Buyers
  • Give Quick Response

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