Biggest E-Commerce platform, Magento 2 which is very well known for getting data with the use of cookie. In this article we will delve deeply to learn everything about cookie.

What are cookies?
Mainly, we can say that cookies are enabled on any website , then it will generate tiny sized files on your system in which it stores some information. And this information is usually used to make your browsing experience more personalized. Cookies are basically generated when you visit any websites in your browser which uses cookies for tracking users movements on your site. It also helps you to continue where you left.

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Generally website stores a reciprocal file same which is set in your browser and with the help of that file they track and save information on your all the movements within the website and all the information which you gave willingly entered while visiting the website for example mobile number or email address.

For cookie policy various countries have their different cookie policies:
In some of the countries, visitors are known about the Cookies which are an essential part of browsing and when they browse the website, they agree on Cookies.

In some of the countries, there may be a pop-up displaying like Allow to use cookies. In that case, some operations are not enabled until the user agrees on allowing Cookies.

for more detail in brief:

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