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Magento 2 People Watching Social Proof

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    Default Magento 2 People Watching Social Proof

    People Watching Social Proof extension for Magento 2 adds a notification on the product pages to show how popular and in-demand your products are through the actions of other customers. It displays the live visits of the product you are also viewing.
    When we’re in a new city we trust the crowd. Stores, pubs, and other social places that are busier than others grab more intention, seem more trustworthy, and worth your while and money. The online world is no different.

    Showing your customers how many people are looking at a specific product in your store is one of the best tactics to increase the sense of urgency and stimulate their purchase decision.

    Displays the number of people that viewed the product page in the last X minutes/hours
    The number of views can be adjusted by setting the number of minutes the product view is valid for
    You can Inflate the number of real product page views by a custom value
    You can customize the notification text
    You can add custom styling to the notification text directly from admin setting
    You can configure the minimum number of page views a product should have to allow the notification to be shown
    It works with full page cache pages, because it loads thru ajax

    Perfect solution for new stores with small amount of real-time traffic
    Don't have so much real-time traffic? No problem. Increase the "View Lifetime" value to as many minutes you want and show how many viewers you have last 24h hours or in the last 2-3 days! Absolute Conversion Rate booster!

    How it works
    If the extension is enabled when the product page is loaded the extension loads the notification in the following way:

    it counts the number of visits done by other clients in the last X minutes(depending on the value you set in the "View Lifetime" field)
    it adds the "Product Views Number Inflate" config value to the value calculated previously
    it compares the result value from step 2. with the value set in the "Minimum Number of Views" field and only displays the notification if the value is bigger
    when rendering the notification it gets the text message from one of these two settings: "Notification Singular Display Text" and "Notification Plural Display Text", depending on the number of views

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    You are right. I will do that

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    Yes it's very essential to build trust with your customer for the growth of your online business. Social Proof makes it easy. That's why you must collect social proof as much as possible from your old customers.

    Generally, many customers forget or don't like to share their opinion about your product. So, it's better to remind them to give their viewpoint after purchasing and using your product. You can take the help of Product Review Reminder Magento 2 Extension to collect social proof from your existing customers. It will give a great boost to your sales graph.

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    This extension automatically sends notifications to your customers for product review after a certain purchase period. That encourages as well as remind them to share their views about your products.

    Getting more reviews on your product page encourages new visitors to buy your product without hesitation. That's gonna increase your sales beyond measures.

    Check it here: Product Review Reminder Magento 2 Extension

    Important Features:
    • Easily increase the number of product reviews on your eCommerce store.
    • Store owners can set an unlimited number of review reminders to the customer as store wise.
    • The store owner can set a custom email template for a reminder email.
    • Using this extension store owner can send a manual review reminder email to customers.
    • Customer reviews are most important to increase revenue and credibility.
    • Store owners can easily manage all reviews from the backend.
    • From the backend configuration panel, the store owner can set a period of time to send an email.

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