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Not too long ago, traditional CMS platforms were all businesses needed to create, manage, store, and deliver their content to their customers. The back end (content creation, website design and personalization) was tightly linked to the front end (content delivery). This meant, for example, that writers and editors would write and publish content on the same system (like Magento) website visitors are viewing.

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For businesses whose customers didn’t have a lot of requirements, it was a simple and convenient way to develop, manage, publish and even share content on social media or email. It had a simplified design platform with built-in themes and templates, while customization can be done on the front end as needed.

According to Statista, as the internet becomes more omnipresent, with over 75.44 billion IoT devices are projected to amount worldwide by 2025, customers expect higher levels of content delivery. From their smart speakers in the different rooms of their homes, and the wearable tech they have while working out, to the screens in kiosks, and VR headsets – the internet is steadily taking hold of society via a plethora of devices, screens, and various other touchpoints. The heightened customer demands in an increasingly connected world mean that businesses need tools that allow for more flexibility and control—something that headless or serverless architecture offers.

What is Headless CMS?
Headless CMS is an architecture wherein the UI layer of, say, an e-commerce site is built in a way that is distinct from its backend functions. These parts of the site are connected by a set of web services to make content available for display on any device.

Essentially, it’s called headless because the “head” (front end, website, or app) is separate from the “body” (back end, content repository). So all the back end has to concern itself with is storing and delivering structured content. It doesn’t need to worry about how and where the content is displayed.

for more information visit this: https://magecomp.com/blog/harnessing...er-experience/

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