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If you have just started working on Magento 2 CMS or are working with it for quite a few times, you must know these useful CLI/SSH commands that will help you complete certain tasks at ease.

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Magento CLI/SSH command can come really handy when you have to clean cache, Enable – disabling cache, run cron, Data indexing, and various other tasks. To run these SSH commands, you need to have SSh access to your server, or you can use the command line for local access.

So, to save your most precious thing – time – we would like to suggest all the developers and other interested people to bookmark this post. This is a compilation of all the useful SSH/CLI commands for Magento2.

So, this was it for the day. To learn more about commands, you can check the Official Guide from Magento. We hope that this will help you save a lot more time so that you can focus more on your work.

check here: http://bit.ly/38LVoWi

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