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How to upload Videos for Products in Magento 2

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    Post How to upload Videos for Products in Magento 2

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    Hey Magento Folks,

    If you haven’t bookmarked our Magento tutorial link yet, do it now! You can find all the important guides and code solutions for Magento 2 in this category. Click here -> Magento Tutorials or You can also be subscribed to our push notification to never miss an update.

    Today We are going to learn how you can add or upload a video for products in Magento 2.

    In Magento 1, product video feature wasn’t available in default Magento, you need to use the third-party extension but in Magento 2 it now defaults Magento feature.

    Using the YouTube API key, you can display or set your youtube video for a product view to be shown in the product image/gallery section.

    Get Your Youtube API key:
    1. Go to Google Developer Console and login

    2. Click on library from left menu and search for youtube API.

    Select Youtube Data API v3.

    3. Click on it and Click Enable.

    4. Now click on Credentials from left

    5. Click on API key option

    6. You will see API key generated in a popup

    7. Copy the key and store it safe place, we need to use it in magento backend,

    8. If you want to restrict the access this API by IP or something, click on Restrict key otherwise click on close to close the popup. By the way restricting key is a good option to prevent unauthorized use and quota theft. You can restrict it by websites, IP addresses, or applications can use your API key

    for more :

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    Hello there! I have found a ready-made tool to help you add videos on your Magento store known as Advanced Product Video. Now-a-days audience likes to see videos rather than reading written descriptions. So, if you showcase your products using video you will attract your audience to buy your product.

    Using this tool store owner can upload videos from device or embed URLs, video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Video creates a great impact to present the usefulness of your product to your customers beautifully. With the help of this extension, you can increase your store value and entice more customers to purchase your brand.

    Know more here: Advanced Product Video – Extension for Magento

    Highlighted Features:
    • Multi-Store Supported
    • Unlimited Product Videos
    • Easy to Assign Videos to Products
    • Multi-Store Supported
    • HTML5 Video Player Support
    • Rich Configuration Options
    • Customize Videos Thumbnail
    • Improves Conversions Rate
    • Embed Vimeo & YouTube Video
    • Supports Multiple Video Formats
    • Display Video Using Fancybox

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