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Last, we have learned how you can Show Order Comments On The Invoice. Today, We will learn how you can show minicart in custom popup in Magento 2.

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In Magento 2, generally, minicart shows in the header section of Magento, and whenever you click on minicart, it will show summary of your cart, but what if we want to show minicart in another place also, e. g. in popup, then don’t worry we have found solution for that too.

As always, we have developed the codes to achieve that in a matter of time. With the help of the below codes, you can display your minicart in custom popup, and you can set your popup design as per your requirement.

So, Let’s get into that and show how you can achieve that,

Step 1: To do this, create default.xml file inside,

app\code\Vendor\Extension\view\frontend\layout folder and add the below code:
for more: http://bit.ly/39TGrCD

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