Magento 2 Store Pickup Extension by Magetop encompasses the functionalities of Store locator and Store finder because of which the customer can pick up the product from the nearest store with the help of Google maps instant direction feature. Also categorise multiple stores on the bases of City and country, you delivering it to their houses. This helps you provide an added feature which would cater to a lot of your customers.

Store Pickup For Magento 2 Features :
☑️ Create unlimited number of store pick up and store locations.
☑️ Show pickup location based on products in cart.
☑️ Define pickup location on map by longitude and latitude value.
☑️ Define contact details, email, working hours etc for each pickup location.
☑️ For the shipping method, admin will do the setting for Store Pickup.
☑️ Allows multiple pickup location submission using csv upload.
☑️ Allows customer to choose pickup point and specify the date/time of arrival.
☑️ Pickup location will receive email on order confirmation.
☑️ Order details will have all the details about pickup location, date/time.
☑️ Allows you to define marker image on Google map.
☑️ Display all pickup location on map so user can select nearest location easily.
☑️ Search on google map & search within radius in map for nearest store.

What Is The Use Of This Module And Why Should I Use It?
You can create one or more pickup locations (branches) and customer can select the nearest pickup location. For each pickup location, you can define the complete address, contact details, map it on Google map, working hour’s etc details. In case that location is not selected on the map then plugin will try to get the location from the address field. You can also import multiple locations using csv import.

Customer can select the nearest location on map directly or select it using the radiobutton /dropdown. Selected pickup location will be saved against order and will be displayed to admin order section and as well as the frontend customer order details section. Selected pickup store owner will receive the order email with same details. By default, pickup location cost is zero. You can specify cost for pickup locations also. You can place this pickup location options on cart page as well as checkout page. It will automatically load all the stores on map also and you can use search feature to select the store on map. Apart from this, you can place map shortcode on any page to display all pickup points.

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