Magento 2 Advanced Reviews offers something more than the traditional displaying of product review and rating. It allows your users to add a title and one or more attachments to their reviews. Furthermore, a summary is generated for each product with an indication of how many reviews have been written for each different rating.

Magento 2 Advanced Review Plugin allows your customers to rate and review your products right on your eCommerce website. You can encourage them to share their opinion with a simple comment-like option. Allow them to upload files/video to better explain their stance. You can reply to customer reviews, and manage them for better readability and avoid spam. Configuration settings include customizing the customer reviews block and other useful options.

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Advanced Review For Magento 2 Features :
☑️ Enable Customers’ Ratings and Reviews for Products.
☑️ Customers can Attach Image With a Review.
☑️ Allow customers to Attach Videos with Review.
☑️ Users Can Reply the Customers’ Reviews.
☑️ Users can Reply Further to Your Comments.
☑️ Customers can Vote Up/Down and Flag Your Comments.
☑️ Disable Replies/Comments on Reviews.
☑️ Make a Review on only Order Purchase.
☑️ 100% Open-source, Support multi-store, Support multi-language.
☑️ Easy to install and customize.

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What Is The Use Of This Module And Why Should I Use It?
Reviews are the key element of any e-commerce site: feedback from customers that have already bought a product or service from your website are vital for your activity to obtain online credibility.

Consider the importance that the world’s leading sales platforms such as Amazon give to reviews. It’s easy to understand why: each review is made by a customer that ensures the quality of your products, a selfless opinion that will undoubtedly affect sales more than anything else vendors might say.

Thanks to Magento 2 Advanced Reviews you can provide your reviews with that extra touch that will give them extra visibility and boost your sales.

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