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Keeping Your E-Commerce Site Secure: A Guide

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    Post Keeping Your E-Commerce Site Secure: A Guide

    So you’ve launched your E-Commerce site and everything is going great. You have customers that have started to flow in, you have what is looking like the start of repeated clientele, and it seems like everybody loves what you have to offer. Everything is going amazingly. You wake up one morning, turn on your computer and open your E-commerce management portal. Your username and password combination doesn’t match. “That’s odd”, you think, as you check your email. You see a message from your domain provider – your domain has been blacklisted.

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    You can’t believe it and read more as you feel a sinking feeling in your stomach. You have been blacklisted as your website was hacked and you compromised your duty to protect your customers. Their credit card data, addresses and emails have all been obtained and you will not get any traffic until you have fixed your vulnerabilities and got your site off the blacklist.

    This is the sad reality that many Ecommerce shop owners face when they wake up to check on their business. On average, a hacker attempts to hack your website 58 times a day – you face one cyber attack every 25 minutes. This can be hugely detrimental to your business. If you have clients, they may be wary of your site and lose trust in your brand, which can kill your momentum, end your cash flow, and ultimately cost your company.

    You need to keep your E-Commerce site secure for your future and your customers, but how can you do that?

    Get an SSL Certificate:

    If you’re selling online, then you should definitely have one of these already, provided by your web hosting company. Installing an SSL Certificate enables you to use HTTPS, which is a server link between your visitor’s browsers and your servers. This helps to protect their information against hackers targeting your business. It also gives your site a higher SERP rating, which can hopefully increase your traffic.

    for more information visit this:

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    Great post! Thanks for sharing such an informative content for Magento security.

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