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How to optimize Magento UX for eCommerce Store for better growth and conversion rate?

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    Default How to optimize Magento UX for eCommerce Store for better growth and conversion rate?

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    Good user experience is the key feature that every eCommerce store should have. It helps to retain potential customers in your online store to let you bring more conversion easily.

    Customer always wants easy navigation and search facility to purchase their needs quickly and comfortably. So, if you wanna more sales, your online store must provide an efficient and minimal browsing process.

    Now with the help of Advanced UX Practice, you can create an effective business store in no time. Are you serious to improve the performance of your Magento store? Then you must try out the best UX Optimization Tips for your Magento store.

    Let's explore it here: How To Optimize Magento UX For ECommerce Store

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    Merge and minify CSS and JavaScript
    Merging JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) each into their own single file dramatically decreases the number of JS and CSS requests to the database. The result means that the browser wont have to send dozens of requests at a time. With all the JS and CSS files each merged into a single file, the server will return the results much faster. In addition to the merging of these files, minification is also highly effective. This procedure can usually help to reduce file size by 20-40%.
    Merging and minification can be done in several ways. Such tools in Magento 2 are available both out-of-the-box and with third-party extensions.

    Enable GZIP compression
    GZIP compression is used for compressing web pages, CSS, and Javascript files. GZIP finds the same lines in the code and temporarily replaces them, thereby reducing the overall size of the files sent to the server. This procedure is especially beneficial since HTML and CSS files often consist of repeating lines and spaces. Thus, GZIP can compress file sizes by 60-70%. Consequently, the smaller the size of the files, the faster response you get from the server.

    Make perfect website navigation
    Logical website navigation provides not only positive customer experience, but also increases conversion rate by about 7.7%. With a good navigation system, users can easily find their desired site sections or product categories.

    If you have problems with the UX of your Magento store, you require Magento optimization services.


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