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How can I allow customers to cancel orders in Magento 2?

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    Hi Friends,
    Currently, Magento doesn't allow you to cancel an order from the frontend. Admin can only mark them as "cancelled" from the backend. This extension allows customers to seamlessly cancel any pending order and they can also add their comment/reason for the cancellation of that particular order from the website.

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    Many times Customer wants to cancel the order while online shopping. Cancel Order Magento 2 Extension gives the most flexible way to the customer to generate request of cancel the order. Admin can approve or disapprove the cancel order request.

    Cancel the order from my account dashboard & my order page (frontend) by the customers. This extension adds Cancel Order link in my account dashboard & my order page, by clicking this link customer can send request to cancel their order. Send the update mail to admin that order had been canceled.

    Allow customers to send request to cancel order.
    Admin can see all requests of cancel order of customers via mail as well as in Admin Panel.
    Admin can process the request and cancel the order.
    Customers get notified once their order has been cancelled.
    Flexibility to change messages from admin panel.
    Compatible with all the custom themes
    Easy to install & manage
    Enable/disable from backend

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