Guest Checkout In One Step Checkout

According to a survey in 2017 of Baymard Institute, 37% of US adults abandoned their carts because “The site wants me to create an account.”
Turn into 2019, it is still safe to say that a large number of online customers prefer a guest checkout rather than registering an account. Having known that fact, yet the sellers still force them to login.
- Customers love guest checkout: Fasten checkout process; Get rids of advertising emails; Free from data exploitation. It turns out increasing the conversion rate and reducing the cart abandonment.
- On the other side, online merchants are afraid of losing touch with potential customers and getting a poor database for marketing. Let alone, guests also find it inconvenient to track and reorder products.
To solve this issue, Magento 2 developed Guest Checkout feature integrated in One Step Checkout. The Magento 2 Guest Checkout- Checkout as Guest feature is a unique and effective solution for any e-commerce stores. With this feature added to your checkout step, not thing can deter you and your goal in conversion rate.
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Guest Checkout In Magento 2


1. Improve checkout procedure
Because of not having to register an account, the customer will quickly fill in and finish checkout in only one step. So that, Checkout procedure will be shortened significantly.
2. Conversion rate increase
As I mentioned, 37% of US adults abandoned their carts because “The site wants me to create an account.” Therefore, If you integrate guest checkout feature in your online- business platform, It will be a beneficial way to lure new customers to come and experience your products because of not having the time-consuming checkout procedure.
3. Visitors become customers
The registered procedure with many information fields can become a barrier to achieve the conversion rate. Without any requirement to login, it will help shoppers to be more comfortable to make their purchase. The feature will directly display the checkout page without any popup that force customers to signup or register exactly like the picture below.

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