Nowaday, Magento 2 is one of the most popular platforms to build & manage online business. But, problems like Magento 2 checkout slow affects site performance & ruin your business since When the checkout speed of your site lasts too long, your shoppers will be at risk to wondering what is wrong at your site.
In this article I’ll show you how to nail Magento 2 Checkout Slow
First, you need to test your website speed to ensure whether your website is in slow checkout or not.
3 Testing tools to test your page speed:
2.Google speedtest
Causes Of Magento 2 Checkout Slow
Slow Checkout happens due to some reasons below:
+There are many JS error issues
+There are many static content such as images, CSS files
+Third-party modules does not compatible with the checkout
+Low quality of hosting, VPS, server
4 Strategies To Solve Slow Checkout Quickly

1. Running in Production mode
Magento 2 has three running modes like default, developer, and production. Production mode is the fastest one. It speeds up checkout slow problems when production mode is turned on.
In the terminal, we run the command to check the current mode:
bin/magento deploy:mode:show
Then, we switch to production mode by running the command:
bin/magento deploy:mode:set production
This fixed the problem & the user could checkout the Magento 2 page without any delay.
2. Disable JS Bundling
Javascript (JS) bundling is a special feature of Magento 2. Activating JS bundling creates a huge file (5-10Mb) with Javascript code and affects in page loading time. This leads to checkout slow issue.
So, our Support Engineers took the following steps to disable JS Bundling in Magento 2.
1.First, we logged into the Magento 2 panel.
2.Then, we navigate to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Developer section.
3.Under Javascript settings, choose NO in Enable Javascript Bundling field.
4.Finally, clicked Save Config.
That’s how we disabled JS Bundling in Magento 2.

3. Turning on cache
The cache acts as a buffer between the user and the web server. It faster server response time, also known as TTFB (Time-to-first-byte) & stabilize the page load time. When the cache is turned off it takes more time to load & results in checkout slow problems.
So, we always check cache settings if the site suddenly becomes slow and unresponsive by doing the following steps.
1.We logged into the Magento 2 panel.
2.Under the menu, we go to System > Cache Management.
3.Next, we clicked to enable the cache as shown below.

4. At last, we saved the settings.
That’s how we fixed the checkout slow issue.
If you find it’s hard to practice 3 ways or have some trouble with slow checkout issues. You should move to the last way- the simplest and quick way to solve your problem.
4. One Step Checkout Using
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