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content writing

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    Hi Friends,

    Simple content and SEO friendly content makes a huge difference. SEO friendly content ranks easily and also help to improve traffic to the website.

    1. Get your keyword research on.
    2. Put the keywords to work.
    3. Write about something people care about.
    4. Know the basics of technical SEO
    5. Make it long enough to count.
    6. Watch your analytics.
    7. Edit your work.
    8. Become your own online PR agency.
    9. Realize that becoming an SEO writing expert takes time.

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    Content is the center-piece of a great SEO strategy. It helps you:

    Attract people to your site.
    Create a desirable customer experience.
    Generate natural links.
    Increase your chances of ranking in searches.

    If you’ve also invested in a great UX experience as well as off-page SEO, your SEO content writing will help you become more visible in search results.

    Today, over 50% of website visits come in through organic searches. And without SEO you have no visibility there.

    SEO content writing has changed over the years as search engines get smarter.

    Some best practices for 2018 include:

    DO Keyword Research. Don’t assume you know what words to target. You’ll waste a lot of time and money targeting the wrong words.
    Target long tail lower competition words to gain traction. This traction will allow you to compete for higher competition words.
    Use words naturally and use variations. You don’t have to say the same word over and over.
    Apply LSI (latent semantic indexing) strategy. This means including complementary words that help search engines better understand what the page is about
    Research topics that can align with your keywords. Topics should be on things that people are actually looking for and will want to share.
    Use a lot of white space with sub-heads to make the page inviting and scannable.
    Use alt img tag
    Create compelling metas. These appear in search results and should entice people to click.


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