Security and speed are the two most important factor that need to be considered by every online entrepreneurs while dealing online businesses.

Without proper security and speed, you can't think of running a successful online store. It doesn't matter where you already have a website or just started a new one, you must enhance the security of your website. Then comes speed, if your website is slow, you will lake audience, your website's bounce rate will increase. It will show poor performance in your business strategy. That is why do proper security and speed management in your eCommerce site.

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You might have remembered the saying "Prevention is Better Than Cure". So, the same way you have to consider certain security tips and tricks on your Magento 2 store as well. It will improve the workflow of your business store.

Let's try out these top: Magento Security Issues & Fixes For Ecommerce Stores (7 Things To Consider)

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