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How to create a Hierarchical CMS Page Navigation in Magento 2?

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    Default How to create a Hierarchical CMS Page Navigation in Magento 2?

    Incorporating a different navigation menu for your content pages (CMS) in your Magento store can be a good idea, especially if your site has a lot of content. Via this blog, we hope that you can have a solution for controlling pages to navigate your websites effectively

    What is CMS Pages Navigation

    The main benefit of CMS Page Navigation is the ability to improve your actual user experience. This feature allows you can effortlessly control a various number of the menu showing all CMS pages assigned. As a result, it becomes way more convenient to navigate your e-commerce website.
    Other Benefits
    Directly enhance advertisement optimization campaigns.
    Facilitate customers to make a purchasing decision
    Make your website attractive and appealing.
    Easily control pages overall E-commerce system

    CMS Pages Navigation Example

    To illustrate the notable improvement of the new Magento 2 feature, let’s take a look at the below example. It illustrates how a left-side menu enables you to organize various content improving customers’ navigation between its parts (different pages).

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    Thus, merchants who regularly publish a large amount of content can organize their content dramatically improving the simplicity of finding the necessary information.
    How to Configure a CMS Page Navigation
    CMS page hierarchy is a feature of Magento Commerce (Magento Enterprise Edition). If you use EE, you have to go to the Settings section of your E-commerce website and enable the features and its metadata. Set “Enable Hierarchy Functionality” to “Yes.” Next, turn on metadata: set “Enable Hierarchy Metadata” to “Yes” as well. The third remaining option lets you determine the default menu layout.
    Next, do the following:Go to Stores -> Settings -> Configuration;
    Choose Content Management from the left panel under General;
    Expand the CMS Page Hierarchy section to make changes;
    Don’t forget to save everything.

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    If you use Magento Open Source (Magento Community Edition) — then it is not possible out of the box. You need to use the CMS Pages Navigation Magento 2 module. This module is designed for admins who are not familiar with coding when you need a can-be-assigned list page. Just find the page(s) you want to add menu and Save! That’s all you need to do without any discovering effort!

    Two simple steps bring an eye-catching menu to your page, which makes it easier to optimize customer shopping experience effectively!

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    Magento 2 native doesn't provide CMS page navigation but you can use either 3rd party mega menu extensions or eCommerce Website Development is an option for online store.

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