At some points it happens that while placing an order, your customer wants to give some additional information regarding the product. May be it relates to specific requirement in their product say for example, specific color of gift wrapping, some message to print on a wrap or want some kind of customization. Collecting such Information from your customer helps you to streamline the store order and serve excellent shopping experience to your shoppers. Unfortunately, Magento 2 does not support a functionality through which such additional information can be gathered from your customers.
Magento 2 Order Comments Extension by MageComp allows your customer to insert additional requirements / message at the time of checkout. The extension contains an option to display entered Commentss in both backend order details as well as frontend order details. Most interesting part of this extension is its complexly FREE.

Why choose MageComps Magento 2 Order Comments Extension:

Ability to enable as well as disable the extension from backend.
Through this extension your customer can add additional instruction about the product or any extra requirement they have regarding the product at the checkout page Comments box.
This extension will store the Commentss from the checkout Comments box and display it along with the order list and details in the backend.
Provide your customer the convenience of giving custom instructions for custom order fulfillment.
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