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When using CPA Bidding for Google Shopping Ads?

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    Hi Friends,
    CPA bidding uses machine learning to optimize your campaign. Using historical performance data, the conversion optimizer understands the dynamics of the campaign and alters bidding based on the probability of a conversion. For eg. If the CO feels a particular keyword/placement has been converting well, then it will ensure the bids are adjusted to get a conversion from that keyword/placement.

    Factors to consider while trying out CPA bidding

    Ensure the campaign is already optimized. For eg. if you want to ensure your campaign converts at $35, ensure it is already optimized and converts around $35. If you turn CO on while your campaign is converting at $50 and choose CPA limit as $35, you will immediately loose a ton of traffic and the campaign will take a log time before it optimizes the campaign.
    Constantly monitor the campaign to check if there are any discrepancies. Don’t set it up and forget it.

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