Magento Paypal Multi Currency allows customers to make payments in multiple currencies in Magento stores!

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For international stores, the customers get confused when making payments via Paypal, as the base currency of the Magento store is displayed instead of the chosen currency. Such confusion will make a customer cancel the purchase.

This was the problem faced by Magento store admin who uses Paypal as a payment gateway. But not anymore! Meetanshi has developed Magento PayPal Multi Currency extension that keeps the chosen currency intact throughout the order process!

To avoid it, Meetanshi's Magento Paypal Express Multi Currency module can be used for smooth payment process. Also, improve the user experience of Magento store as it supports PayPal Express Checkout payment method and payments in multiple currencies!

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Paypal Multi Currency Extension:
  • Supports multiple currencies for payment to use with PayPal Express payment method.
  • Admin can accept payment in the currency other than Magento store base currency.
  • Customers can make payments in their own preferred currency by keeping the chosen currency intact even on the PayPal site.
  • Better user experience by allowing to pay in the preferred currency.

Lear: Magento Paypal Multi Currency Configuration

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