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Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Hi Friends,
    Magento is one of the premier open source eCommerce solutions which has been designed to be flexible and scalable. With over 125,000 sites and Fortune 500 companies running on Magento, it certainly is quite popular. Here are some pros and cons you should consider.


    Feature-rich – the Community (free) version consists of features which are not easily available in other solutions such as the ability to manage multiple stores, Multi-language and multi-currency support and is mobile and search engine friendly.

    User-friendly – the administrator panel has one of the most user-friendly interfaces I’ve ever seen with a simple and intuitive navigation and well-organised store management.

    Cost – community version is available for free.

    Community – wide and active community of users who have developed many extensions and plugins and can provide support.

    Flexibility – Magento’s architecture allows you to pretty much customize everything so you have full control over your online store. It’s open source so you get full control over the code and can develop any functionality you need.

    Scalable – as previously mentioned, Magento is built to scale so whether you’re a small size business or a large one, Magento can easily handle it.


    Developers – good Magento developers are not easy to find. Magento is an extremely large system and it takes a fairly experienced developer with a sound understanding of object oriented development and experience with the core software to really know what they’re doing.

    Hosting – due to its vastness, Magento should only be hosted on a dedicated server and should be configured by providers who specialize in Magento hosting. Running Magento on normal shared hosting will create a slow and frustrating user experience for customers.

    Time – Magento’s flexible architecture also makes it complex. It usually requires more time for customization as compared to other solutions. It usually takes developers more time to increase their learning curve than with other solutions.

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