Configurable products are nothing new, it’s just a collection of simple products. Difference between the configurable and simple product is that configurable products are a single product with a number of variations like size, colour, etc. For example: You are going to sell a t-shirt but with 3 different sizes called Small, Medium and Large in two different colours called red and white. So to sell such products easily, you can simply use Configurable products that allow your customers to select the correct size and required colour.

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There is an option to create a simple product with many custom options but then, in that case, it won't be possible to track the stock of each variation. But with configurable products, Magento 2 easily monitors which product variation runs out or will be out of stock soon. So one of the main advantages of configurable products is that you can continuously monitor and control the inventory for each product variation independently.

Now let’s find out the simple steps to add configurable products in Magento 2. Continue Here How To Add Configurable Product In Magento 2

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