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Which is better WooCommerce or Magento?

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    Hi Friends,
    If you are an ambitious eCommerce site that has a large catalog, complex requirements, B2B eCommerce requirements, integration requirements, or any other major custom eCommerce feature, Magento is probably a better fit. For content-heavy sites, WooCommerce might be a better fit, especially if the content is the focus and eCommerce is secondary.

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    Apart from money, a lot more goes into eCommerce Website Development that you might think! Yes, it is a harsh truth. Many of us often believe that eCommerce is all about automating the conventional retail business and that doesn’t suffer from any challenges or hurdles faced by the local retailers.

    You will find plenty of options for eCommerce Web Development, like WooCommerce and Magento.

    Key Features of Magento:

    • Marketing, Promotions and Conversion Tools
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Site Management
    • Catalog Management
    • Catalog Browsing
    • Product Browsing
    • Checkout, Payment, and Shipping
    • Order Management
    • Customer Accounts
    • Customer Service
    • International Support
    • Mobile Commerce

    Key Features of WooCommerce:

    • Compatibility with Google Analytic
    • Open source community
    • Wider CMS capabilities
    • 50000+ plugin options
    • A wide range of themes options
    • Easy to learn and use
    • Gets sophisticated extension system
    • No transaction fees
    • Easy customizations with full control of the code base

    Security in WordPress Development, you will have to pay the additional cost to get the SSL certificate from the 3rd party vendors. Moreover, WooCommerce requires a strong password, iThemes, and limited logins. On the other hand, for Magento, you will be requiring hosting and PPI in order to achieve higher security.

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