Magento 2 ProxyPay Integration by Meetanshi offers integration of Magento 2 with Angola's Proxypay payment gateway to accept secure payments in Kwanzas, the Angolian currency.

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The Magento 2 store's payment gateway plays an important part in the business. It must be selected in such a way that not only offers secure online payment process but also is widely popular and trusted. One of them is ProxyPay payment gateway, and to integrate it with the Magento 2 store, Meetanshi have developed Magento 2 ProxyPay Integration extension.

Accept secure online payments from the store customers with the Popular ProxyPay payment gateway by Multicaixa. The payment s can be done through the ATM or home banking services.

The Magento 2 ProxyPay Integration extension enables direct payment method. Customers need not to interact with the proxypay payment gateway and complete the payment faster!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 ProxyPay Integration:

• The extension works with the Angolan Kwanza set up as the base currency of the store.
• Display custom title, set from the admin panel, for the payment method.
• Offers sandbox mode.
• Integrate the payment gateway with Magento 2 using the entity ID and key provided.
• Allow selected countries to use the payment method.
• Display additional details on the checkout page.
• Allows admin to create a new order from the backend.
• The module is compatible with ProxyPay API v2.

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