1 Log into att.com using the username and password provided when you opened your AT&T internet account.

2 Select "Internet" from the MyAT&T tab.

3 Scroll down to E-mail Accounts. Your primary e-mail address was created when you opened your AT&T account. To create additional e-mail accounts select "Create/Manage Sub-Account."

4 Click on "Add a Sub-Account."

5 Click the "Accept" button to agree to AT&T's terms of service and privacy policy.

6 Enter the new e-mail address in the Member ID field.

7 Type a new password in the Password field and re-enter it in the Confirm Password field.

8 Enter first and last names, a nickname, gender, date of birth, and zip code in the appropriate fields.

9 Enter the primary account holder's email address in the Contact E-mail Address field.

10 Determine whether you want to grant this sub-account holder permission to charge purchases to your AT&T account.

11 Select an offline security question and answer as well as a passcode.

12 Select two online security questions with answers and click "Save."

13 Print the data confirmation page if you like, and then click "Continue" to complete your sub-account setup.

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