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Have you ever required to charge more than 1 flat rate shipping on customers’ orders? If yes, Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping is what you need! It allows adding and managing upto 5 flat rate shipping in Magento store based on various prices and conditions. You can configure flat rates to charge per order or item in either fixed or percentage or price.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Multiple Flat Rate Shipping extension:

  • You can add up to 5 flat rate shipping methods.
  • Show shipping method based on min and max subtotal.
  • Enable or disable or configure each of them individually
  • Charge handling fee in 3 ways:

o Fixed

o Percentage

o Fixed Per Item

  • Display custom error message for each flat rate method.
  • You can configure each of them to allow on specific countries or all countries.

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