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Pop-up Notification

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    on a website or a app. There are a few general things to consider before programming a modal popup into it.
    First of its the content of the modal. You will find plenty of examples online but it has o be eye catching it also has to offer the user something.
    Second the timing of a pop up is important. Its a really bad user experience if your popup jumps up 3 seconds after you have landed on the site.
    Studies have shown 30 seconds to be around the best time frame. That being said some developers use scrolling as their pop up trigger so say for example you are halfway down the page it will trigger.
    The point is you want your app or website content to get a chance to be read by the user before you use the pop up.
    The pop up should be short and clear with a easy way to exit and continue, otherwise you may as well make it another page.
    Most web developers and marketers will split test their pop ups see how the site or app performs with different call to actions and offers and tweak it.


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