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In this 21st Century, people are getting more digitized day by day and started using smartphones. So, instead of using old email registration method into your Magento store, let them to quickly login or signup with their mobile number. Magento Mobile Login extension by MageComp allows your customers to sign up or log in easily using their mobile number with a secure OTP layer.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Mobile Login extension:

Users can sign up and login by mobile number using OTP
Consumers can ajax log in with email or Mobile
Integrated with MSG91 gateway for sending login and registration message.
Two different option to send a transactional as well as promotional message.
A choice to send SMS in English or regional language.
Admin can define default Ajax or OTP login from backend
Automatically adds country code by selecting county flag.
Admin can set OTP length and type from backend as per need.
Option to send email notifications with details every time when customers log in using a mobile number.
Admin can customize the text for registration, forget password and login OTP message as per need.
Admin can see a list of registered mobile number list.
Customers can change their mobile number at any time from their "My Account" Section.

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