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This year was a successful year of Magezon. We have released many amazing extensions based on our experience on Magento and Magento 2. We are really thankful for all the contributions and suggestions. Weve tried everyday making more helpful extensions to assist you with your Ecommerce business.
In this article, we will give you the list of our top 3 bestsellers which is based on their quality and the sales performance.

1. Top 1: Magento 2 Blue Form Builder

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Having gained pleasure from customers, Magento 2 Blue Form Builder is becoming one of the must-have items in some online stores.
If you are finding a form builder which is powerful enough but still easy to use?
Wanna build not only basic but advanced forms for your website as well?
Want to create forms in your style but don't have any coding skill?
Then, our Magento 2 Blue Form Builder is what you are really looking for!
Key features:
Drag & Drop interface
File Uploads supported
Email Notifications Automatically
Prevention of Spam
Embed Form Easily
Form Templates
Multi-Page Forms
With Advanced Validation
Layouts and Styles

2. Top 2: Magento 2 Ninja Menus

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Our Magento 2 Ninja Menus gives your visitors a site map showing them the easiest way to find their products. In addition, our Magento 2 mega menu extension help you create amazing menus without any coding knowledge, just drag & drop items from place to place - so easy huh?
Your visitors will not waste time anymore finding the orientation among tons of products with the help of it. Never be worried about being lost again.
Ninja Menus is amazing not only of its stunning features but also of our excellent support team. Our enthusiastic team have worked so hard this year to support as many requests as possible.

Key features:
Drag & drop interface
Support 3 types of menu
7 elements supported
Fully responsive design
Cache supported, fasten loading time
Multiple stores and languages
Unlimited levels
Customize menu design by your own style

Have a quick look at this extension here.

3. Our top 3: Magento 2 Shop by brand

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Customers are now overwhelmed with products which is a big challenge making their best choice. As a result, vast by-products they now tend to by products by brand type Name:  Screen Shot 5779-04-02 at 9.32.55 AM.png
Views: 17
Size:  127.7 KBcially when they shop online.It helps save decision-making time and have a quality guarantee.

With our Magento 2 Shop By Brand, your customers can find their beloved brands in the minutes. Shop by brand lets them access all brands through brand listing page. In addition, search for wanted brands so quickly by category, search box or even alphabet letter. Last, filtering products by brand along with other attributes even helps saving more time.

So, why do you still hesitate? Try shopping in a brand new way with this kind of extension

Key features:
Brand Listing Page
Brand Detailed Page
Layered Navigation
Featured Brands Block Flexibly with Brand Widget
Brand Logo & Related Products on Product Pages
Sold Products of Each Brand
Edit Multiple Stores & Languages in One Place
Brand Listing Page on Menu Bar and Top Link
Import and Export Brands
Brand Listing & Brand Detailed Page are SEO-Friendly

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