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Magento 2 Loan Credit Extension

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    Default Magento 2 Loan Credit Extension

    Generally, in Traditional Store, Store owner gives some credit to their store shoppers so they can make a purchase of any product without paying money and at the end of month they settled their account by paying a due amount at once. This helps reducing efforts at both ends by reducing frequent payment transactions. Also giving this type of credit helps to boost store sale and increase customer average order value.
    Magento 2 Loan Credit Extension by MageComp let the store owner give virtual credit to their regular shoppers through which they can quickly purchase store product without paying nothing. Also, the extension allows store customers to request more loan credits directly from their account section if needed. The admin can manually approve customer loan credit requests or directly assign loan credit amount from backend if needed.

    Why choose Magecomp’s Magento 2 Loan Credit Extension:
    Option to enable or disable the extension if needed.
    Backend option to set custom payment title to display in store frontend.
    You can also set default order status for new orders placed via Loan Credit.
    The admin can enable this extension for specific or all countries if required.
    The extension allows you to set minimum and maximum amount for Loan Credit.
    You can also assign Loan credit sort order to display at the top of payment methods.
    From the edit customer section, admin can assign Loan credits to particular customer if needed.
    Using the backend grid, admin can approve one or more customer loan credit requests.
    The customer is free to purchase the product at any time from available credits.
    Also, the customer can see available credits from their account section.
    If the total cart amount is less than available Loan Credit amount than and only then a customer can make use of Loan credit payment method to complete purchase otherwise Loan credit Payment Method will automatically disappear from the payment method lists.

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