Product prices are something that users need to know before making a purchase. The store owner may not be willing to show prices because of the competition and market or he wants the users to register and login to see the prices in Magento 2.

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To increase the Magento 2 registrations, one needs to implement techniques strategically that prompts visitors to register. One such technique is to hide the price of products for guests or not logged in users! The necessity to view price before making purchase decision encourage the guest users to register.

Get the stepwise method at

The basic feature to hide price for not logged in customers in Magento 2 can be implemented with the code given in the above link, but if you want advanced features such as hide price and “add to cart” button based on customer groups, redirect users to Contact Us page, set custom text to replace prices, etc. take a look at the Magneto 2 Hide Price extension.

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