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MageAnts Magento 2 FAQ Extension

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    Default MageAnts Magento 2 FAQ Extension

    MageAnts offer magento 2 faq extension for your store

    See Below Features MageAnts FAQ Extension

    • Add static blocks above the FAQs to highlight important content.
    • Import the FAQs directly to the web page of your website.
    • Make your FAQ web page more organised using a paging feature.
    • Add a question search bar on the FAQ page.
    • Use the Ajax-based redirection for question categories for better efficiency.

    Buy Now Magento 2 FAQ Extension

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    Nice Suggestion! Thanks for sharing.

    There is one more excellent FAQ Extension called: FAQ Manager - Magento 2 Extension. This extension helps to create a wonderful communication between customers and store owners. Your customers can easily ask any question they have in their mind to the admin. The admin can add questions and answers and list them on frontside under particular category.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Rich configuration set
    • Category Management
    • Display tags
    • Video FAQ
    • Widget Suppor

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    For Magento 1 . You also have a look at Magento product questions extension allows customers to ask questions and receive answers on product pages, like or dislike questions and answers. Customers can also search and see all questions, answers on FAQs page.
    Magento product questions features list:
    At front-end:

    Customers and guests can ask questions on product pages and get answered right here.
    Customers can set questions to be private or public
    Customers and guests can add answers for a question
    Customers and guests can rate all the questions
    Customers and guests can see and find suitable questions and answers on product pages for the similar issues they are in need of advice.
    Customers and guests can find and see all questions and answers related to the products on FAQs pages
    In Admin back-end:
    Admin can approve or decline questions and answers
    Admin can set a question to be private or public
    Admin can create answers and questions in admin panel

    Admin can create topics
    Admin can assign the questions to a topic

    Admin can assign the questions to other products
    Admin can set who can add questions (registered or guest)
    Admin can set who can rate questions (registered or guest)

    Allow you to place FAQs block anywhere you want on your website

    Ability to show all topics and questions, answers on the FAQs page
    SEO friendly
    Ability to sort the questions by Latest, Score, Order
    Ability to search the questions and answers on FAQs page
    Allow you to enable or disable Captcha to prevent spam messages
    Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
    HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
    Friendly and flexible configuration
    Cross-browsers compatibility
    Full and well-organized document for installation and user manual

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    FAQ helps customers to easily find answers to frequently asked questions and rate them on dedicated FAQ page. SEO friendly page and Advance FAQ module also enables you to create a list of questions on the product detail page.
    Advance FAQ Magento 2 extension is used to present the various types of questions & their answers related to your site to your customers.

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