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How to Restrict Products by Customer Groups or Store Views in Magento 2?

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    Default How to Restrict Products by Customer Groups or Store Views in Magento 2?

    Sometimes merchants need to restrict some section(s) of their eCommerce store. They need to do so to prevent visitors to visit irrelevant products or pages and thus save the store's resources. For example, wholesalers should see products which are available for wholesale only. Similarly, retail products should be visible to retailers only. Merchants may also want to give restricted access to not logged in customers. There are many other scenarios where they would want to restrict sections of their store by customer groups or store views.

    Magento 2 Customer Group Catalog extension by FME is a wonderful solution. It lets you restrict categories, sub-categories, CMS pages, static blocks or specific products.

    How this extension works?

    Put simply, you can create rules and apply conditions to restrict a page or product. Write the title of the rule, select the store view/customer group or CMS page on which you want to put restrict and write a custom message. Attach a condition to every rule i.e. select the category or sub-category which you want to restrict.

    See Tutorial

    Restrict Category: The following demo example has restricted 'Bags' category. You can display a custom message to restricted customers.

    Restrict Sub-category: The following example has restricted a specific sub category under a category by a specific customer group.

    Similarly, you can restrict CMS pages, static blocks or specific products like products of a special color, size etc.

    Note: FME provides 45 days money back, FREE lifetime support and FREE lifetime upgrades.

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