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It is the most optimized and convenient way for you to interact quickly and directly with your customers through SMS that helps to send and receive short notification messages. Landofcoder Magento 2 SMS Notification extension is an ideal & powerful module that enables you to send SMS Service API with Twilio, BulkSMS ... to your customers whenever you offer various events in your Magento 2 store. Moreover, it only takes few seconds to transfer notification & easy customization. Be an intelligent businessman, choose Magento 2 SMS notification with some outstanding features below:

  • Easily Integrate Various SMS Service API
  • Instantly Verify Customer Mobile Number (OTP)
  • Powerful Mobile Input Settings
  • Fast, direct and reliable operation
  • Instantly & Quickly Notify To customers activities
  • Unlimited SMS Customization
  • Ease to Collect customer mobile number
  • Powerful Test SMS functionality Support
  • Optimized Configuration SMS notification
  • Quick View Of SMS Notification
  • Easily Export SMS to CSV
  • Ease to control SMS with SMS Debug
  • 1-Click Creating Blacklist
  • Controling Blacklist Management
  • Multiple languages - RTL supports


Easily Integrated Variant SMS Service API
An Application Programming Interface (API) is known as an Application Programing Interface (API) - a best way to connect to SMS’s Core Messaging Platform. There are many SMS services provider company are supported to easily integrate with this extension via the API like Bulk SMS, Twilio, etc. Admin just simply choose the SMS service as they like at the SMS configuration. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

With available SMS Service in this magento 2 SMS extension, it will help both developer faster, reduce complexity, saving cost and time effectively.

If your SMS service API is not listed here, please feel free let us know. We can integrate it into our SMS Notification Extension for FREE.

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Instantly Verify Customer Mobile Number (OTP)
OTP ( One-time password) and also known as one time pin, is a password that is valid for only one login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.

Verifying customers customer's mobile number is an important first step for checking if the input mobile number by customers is correct. It helps to avoid the wrong typing and makes the customer believe that they won't miss any value message from the website. The One-Time Password (OTP) is quote quick & simple and it is well-fit perfectly for this job. Moreover, it is shown in customers registration, configuration & checkout page as well.

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Specify OTP string type and Length per message
With Landofcoder Magento 2 SMS Integration, you have full permission to set OTP Verification for your store:

  • Enable OTP Verification
  • Enable verify mobile number at registration Form
  • Set OTP Format
  • OTP Length
  • OTP message
  • Set expiration time for OTP code
  • Set period time that allows customer to resend OTP

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Powerful Mobile Input Settings
This SMS Notification Extension for Magento allows to set Mobile Input easily. Auto detect by customer IP address, customers can insert their mobile quickly without inputting mobile country code.

There are 3 options for mobile input. Admin can set initial country, allowed country, specific country, preferred country.

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Possible to Config SMS Notification to Admin
Sure, admin can configure SMS notification at all. They have full permission to manage effectively entire SMS Notification about your store operation for new customers, order, shipping, invoice, credit memos ( which they also be sent to their customers). Furthermore, they can update status of your store, detect any mistake to fix instantly. There are two situations by that the website admin can receive the SMS notification sent to his mobile:

  • When a customer registers an account
  • When an order is placed in each of the event
  • When customers submit newsletter at contact us

Ease to Config SMS Notification to Customers
Update status of your order on any Online Store through their phone is getting a lot of positive feedback from customers. At the time they sign up their accounts to make their purchase, they can get notification for this. This Magento 2 SMS Extension supports to send notification for customers’ activities. There are some cases by that the customer can receive the SMS notification sent to his mobile: When they sign up their account:

  • Placed new order
  • New invoice is created
  • New shipment is created
  • New Credit Memo is created

Effectively Test SMS Functionality
Error is unwanted issues any store extremely hate and would like to restrict to minimum rate. In SMS Message for Magento 2, test function is supported. Admin can check and test SMS with their mobile number to ensure correct display on real mobile. Test step is so quick & simple.

Therefore, by testing SMS, they can know & control all arrisen issues and fix it immediately before send them to a wides range of your Value Customers. That step is very crucial to evaluate your store profession.

Manage the SMS log for Admin
On SMS Log page, you can grasp all information about ID, subjects, time create and status, action of all SMS notifications which are set on your store in Grid. On there, admin can check any notifications as they want. No need leaving current page. In order to check if the SMS was sent to customer correctly and on time, we have created for admin a table for tracking the SMS log. From there, the admin can quickly check and fix the problem with SMS debug if they was sent by mistake.

Instantly SMS Notification Preview Checking
If test function is step to check its appear on real mobile (on admin phone number), preview function is earlier step to check entire notification content at the panel admin. It is one of the first step to view message content interface. Through previewing, they can check it easy without complexibility of code or css message. Magento 2 SMS gateway extension helps your store detect mistake or error of notification before they will be sent to customers. Play important role in ensuring a elegant, reliable & professional website.

Export SMS to CSV Support
It is an easy understanding in cutting edge technology era, you are looking for an advanced tool for your Online Store. SMS for Magento 2 will be a smart choice.

Insteads of wasting tons of time for copy manually each notifications (Your store have a hundreds of notifications - you are so tired to copy them), at Magento 2 Extension, you can export all your SMS Notification to CSV. Just one click! So amazing?

Ease to Control SMS with SMS Debug
You know detecting mistake/errors is easier than fixing that. Don’t worry about this. This magento 2 sms integration allows to detect the reasons of your SMS notification issues. So you can save time and cost to fix issues exactly.

As a result of good SMS service connection with your store, report SMS Debug let admin explore any notification error via service SMS system. They are extremely exact and reliable. That is an easy way helps admin control and fix issues with ease.

Avoid Spam SMS Effectively with SMS Blacklist
Same to email, Spam SMS is really bad & threaten to any online store. With our Landofcoder SMS Notification Extension in Magento 2, admin can put spam mobile phone in the blacklist if they feel that number can be risk in your store. After that spam mobile is in blacklist, it is never got your messages & it is not accepted in customers account. Once you restore it to normal phone, you just back to receive sms as usual.

Magnificiently Blacklist Management
Through have any overview Grid, all black phone numbers are listed. All these phone number will be not received any store notifications for their purchase with this phone number information. Thanks to this magento 2 sms gateway, store owners can save a lot of money for them and increase the interaction with customers.

Multiple languages - RTL supports
This function is really helpful to you wherever you are. Because it supports almost all the popular languages like English, German, French, etc. And it is also supported Hebrew, Persian, Arabic.., this Magento 2 SMS notification will be the best choice for you.

100% open source
Only license part are encoded by ioncube. This convenience can provide many features that boost your business to develop such as: Affordability, Flexibility, Sustainability, Security, Reliability especially Speed. All these factors can make great contribution to your success.

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