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Magento 2 Product Testimonial

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    Default Magento 2 Product Testimonial

    Magento 2 Product Testimonial by Meetanshi allows showing customer reviews in the website to enhance store creditability!

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    Customers tend to see the reviews of other customers before shopping online. Good reviews make a positive impact and help push a potential customer for conversion! Why not display such a useful content attractive in Magento 2 store! Hence Meetanshi have developed Magento 2 Product Testimonial extension that enables attractive display of customer reviews in the store.

    The extension is a perfect choice to manage the customer reviews from the backend. Allow visitors to read product reviews before shopping at your store. The module allows admin to restrict review submission based on customer groups. Admin can also disapprove a review to avoid displaying it in the store frontend.

    The Magento 2 Product Testimonial extension allows a customer to submit a review with their photograph, nickname, and rate the product on the scale of 1 to 5! It is always good to hear from the customers. It helps to improve as well as good reviews boost store creditability and sales!

    Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento 2 Product Testimonial extension:

    • Set custom page title for the testimonial page.
    • Allow testimonial submission for the selected customer groups only.
    • Configure the settings for admin approval requirement to display the submitted product testimonials.
    • Show the product testimonial page URL in the top link and in the footer as well. 
    • Easily auto scroll all the added testimonials under the product testimonial tab on product view page. 
    • Comply with EU's GDPR by enabling a privacy checkbox with the custom text to get the consent of personal data display on the testimonial page.
    • Select page to redirect customers to read the privacy policy before agreeing.
    • Send a Thank You Email to customers for sharing their review.
    • Admin is notified via Email when a customer submits product testimonial.
    • A separate testimonial page to show all the submitted testimonials.
    • An attractive display for customer’s name, image, review, and star rating display.
    • Product specific testimonials can be seen under the testimonial tab under each product page.
    • The slider auto changes the testimonials display.
    • Fully responsive testimonial slider and page.

    For more information, visit

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    Nice extension!

    You can also try out one more extension here: Advanced Testimonials Magento 2 Extension. As you known seeing is believing. If any new visitor visit your eCommerce site, this extension plays an important role to attract them to purchase your product by presenting testimonials of your store.

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    Default Magento 2 testimonial extension

    The ‘Easy Testimonials on Magento2” is a unique and helpful tool to persuade new visitors to purchase products or services at your store, by allowing the store owner to post reviews from back-end easily.

    The extension offers a user-friendly experience for store admin to display the customer’s name, description, image, email & website on
    testimonial page. With this extension installed, your store becomes more trustful, reliable for potential buyers. Admin can set the maximum number of testimonials that may be displayed on front-end.


    • Add Testimonials From Backend

    Store admin can easily add multiple testimonials from Magento2 backend, which is otherwise not possible with default functionality.

    • Show or Hide Testimonials

    Store admin can easily choose to show or hide selected testimonials at frontend.

    • Set number of testimonials

    Set the number of testimonials to be displayed at frontend to eliminate the need to keep scrolling down to read more reviews.

    • Enable/Disable customers to add testimonials

    Easy Testimonials on Magento2 allows
    store owner to enable or disable customers to add testimonials from frontend.

    • Easy-to-install & Manage

    This extension comes with a user-friendly interface, allowing store admin to easily install and manage it from

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    Download Free Magento 2 extensions by Magesolution to equip your store with a bunch of additional options.
    FREE Shop by Brands Magento 2 :
    FREE Store Locator Magento 2 :
    Free Magento 2 Banner :
    Free Blog For Magento 2:
    FREE Popup for Magento 2:
    Free Catalog ajax scroll Magento 2:

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    A rough house can not live and just like a non-functional website, you can not sell
    I have some suggestions for you about Magento 2 Ecommerce Solutionshere.

    I. Mega Menu
    Magento 2 Mega Menu extension help owner store to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance.

    1. Flexible Menu Layouts
    2. Horizontal Magento navigation menu
    3. Vertical Magento navigation menu
    4. Both Horizontal and Vertical Menu
    5. 7 types of mega menu
    6. Select menu item position
    7. Color Setting
    8. Optimize options with menu
    9. Responsive
    More details at:

    II. Layered Navigation
    Magento 2 Layered Navigation equip your store with a user-friendly navigation system to let customers browse your product catalog in the most comfortable way. It includes full of product attributes your customer need to filter the desired items and purchase them quickly.
    Especially, integrating Ajax technology allow showing all search results instantly on the current page without reloading the whole page.

    More details at:

    III. Quick View
    Magento 2 Quickview allow customers preview product information with quick process. It is helpful for the shopping expericence

    1. Customize quick view button
    2. Preview product info on a category page
    3. Add products to cart from the quick view window
    4. Write and submit reviews from the preview pop-up
    5. Improve product browsing process
    More details at:

    IV. Advanced Ajax Search
    Advanced Ajax Search for Magento 2 allows customers to promptly find necessary products. A searchbox is fitted with an informative quick search window.

    1. Include product attributes in search algorithm
    2. Show recent and popular searches on the first click
    3. Display results based on popular searches, categories and CMS pages
    4. Display Add to cart button and product reviews
    5. Load More products button
    6. Customize autocomplete window layout
    More details at:

    V. Ajax Shopping Cart
    Magento 2 Ajax Shopping Cart extension provides comfortable shopping experience. Customers can easily select configurable options and edit items in the pop up without wasting time on page reloads.

    1. User-friendly shopping process
    2. Stylish Magento 2 AJAX cart pop up
    3. Additional way to gently promote related items
    4. Support of custom options and configurable products
    5. Equip Magento 2 stores with AJAX conformation windows of 2 different types
    6. Fully optimized for mobile
    More details at:

    VI. One Step Checkout
    One Step Checkout for Magento 2 help speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Use GeoIP to help visitors fill address fields easy and let them easily edit product options right on the checkout.

    1. You can customize checkout page design
    2. Allow customers edit product options on the checkout
    3. Set default preselected values for particular checkout fields as shipping or payment method, ...
    4. Use GeoIP detection and Google Address suggestions
    5. Display delivery date and time options
    6. Login on the Checkout page or Create an Account after the order was successful
    More detail at:

    I hope the above products will be useful to you
    If you have any questions, please let me know.
    Thanks and Best regards,

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