With millions of apps available on both the Google Play and the Apple App Store, it’s hard to It’s hard to stand out from all of those if you’re not a famous brand. The competition is even tougher among the eCommerce apps as the businesses are constantly trying their best to get more downloads by optimizing their Magento mobile apps for the target audience. If you aim to be among the leaders, there are certain things you can do to make your app more attractive to the target audience.

Let’s explore the top tips on how to optimize your apps for the audiences:

  • Engaging, Explanatory & Killer Description

Every developer or company uploads a description that defines the functionality and purpose of the app along with the audience they are going to target. So, while preparing the description, make sure to keep in mind the target audience. The description has a general basic structure with a first paragraph (Introduction about the app or business) that should be brief but should be able to get the main gist of the app.

Make sure this paragraph addresses the primary purpose of the app in a captivating way. Most people won’t be aware of the app and its
functionality, unless your app is something like Facebook or Twitter. A good description is crucial on letting them know what the app does and how it may be useful to their needs.

  • Focus on 3Rs (Replies, Responses & Reviews)

Customer service is one of the most important things for any online business that holds true for app success as well. If the ratings and reviews are not in your favor, then the visitors may not want to install and use your app. If two apps have the same functions, then the one with
better rating would be preferred by the users.
And since we are talking about customer services, Replies and Responses are paramount.

  • Take High Dimension Screenshots

No visitor or user would want to use an app that has blur images, especially if you are launching an online shopping app. Hence using high-quality screenshots is the right choice as this gives your online buyers an idea of what the app looks like. A neat and simple app with descriptions about the features is always preferred as people like reading if there are illustrations to go with it. Also, take
opportunity to make sure the screenshot is complementary to the feature it’s trying to present. Avoid using random images as this can confuse the user – generally not a good idea.

  • Remember the Name & Keywords

While the keywords may not have a direct impact on the users, but they play a great role in the background. Keywords are the search terms your users would type in to look for the apps they’re looking for. You can see why this would be important. The keywords you
use, should be related to your app, business, and services. When selecting the app name, think of something creative and relatively short that is punchy and memorable.
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