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How UX Design Generates Loyalty ?

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    Default How UX Design Generates Loyalty ?

    UX design creates customer loyalty through great experiences. An easy to use app or website backed by great service will encourage a user to use the then again. To do this, a UX designer will create a customer journey map (CJM). This maps a user’s entire journey through the site or app. This journey will be thoroughly tested to ensure that a user’s interaction with the product is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. It’s putting the design team in the shoes of the user.

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    Ux design will create customer loyalty based on the effectiveness of the website. No Website owner or webmaster stays with a design agency becasue of a ux designer, ux designers are nothing without good backed programmers, marketing teams and research. Its about the whole experience that their ( vclients) branding delivers that adds avalue to your own. When UX designers work on their own they often come up with beautiful website designs however in the context of the market that they are in it wouldnt sell, practicality for the backend developers and responsive website design would also be patchy at best.

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