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Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields and Order Attribute Extension By FME

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    Default Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout Extension By FME

    Magento 2 Order Attributes extension helps you quickly add customizable fields to the checkout page. Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields help you to select from a variety of field types that includes a text field, text area, date, and options with Yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, radio button, and checkbox. Setup input validation to acquire accurate data from users with the help of Magento 2 order attributes. Show the additional checkout attributes in email and PDF. Confine the fields to specific store views and customer groups. Display the attribute to a specific checkout step and add a tooltip via Magento 2 order attributes. The wow factor is that it meets complete Magento standards and offers free lifetime upgrades and support.

    Key Features

    • Add Custom Fields to Checkout Page
    • Select from a Variety of Field Types
    • Configure Field Data Validation
    • Display Additional Fields in Email And PDF
    • Enable Fields on Any Checkout Step

    For More Details and Demo - Magento 2 add field to checkout By FME


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    Default One-step checkout magento 2.0 extension


    One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension offers online shoppers a 40% faster checkout with dynamic loading and other features that make it a must-have for every retail store. It helps reduce the cart abandonment rate while increasing your sales 2x while enhancing user experience.


    > One-Page Checkout

    Checkout process made faster, easier, and convenient with all fields available at a single page, unlike default two-page Magento checkout process.

    > 40% Faster Checkout

    Powered with one-page checkout and Knockout.JS this extension reduces the default Magento2 checkout to 40% faster.

    > Dynamic Loading

    This extension is powered by dynamic loading with Knockout.JS that makes it super-fast, allowing buyers to complete purchase faster.

    > Coupon Code Available Early

    No need to wait to place an order to check coupon code as this extension makes available this field before users hit “Place Order” button.

    > Billing Address Below Shipping

    Because this extension makes shopping fun and fast,
    billing address field is available just below the shipping address field for better experience.

    > Display Payment Methods

    Keep your visitors and buyers aware of payment methods available at the early stage to let buyers make smarter decisions.

    > Responsive Design

    Responsive design makes it work perfectly on almost any device for the desired smoother checkout experience.

    > All Payment Methods Supported

    Forget about the payment methods compatibility as One-Page Checkout Magento2 Extension supports all available payment methods.

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