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Are you selling bulk and specialized product or B2B that you don't want to publicize prices? Do you need exceptionally convenient time-saver and a massive money-saver quote extension for Magento 2, right?

With this extension, you can manage and create quote request on front-end or start quotation from backend. Negotiate price with your customer never easier. Your customer can send quotes with custom prices and custom product quantity that can be created quickly. LOF Magento 2 Quote Extension also comes with follow-up quote email, department assignment, attaching PDF proposals and much more

Magento 2 Request for Quote extension brings your customers and you better interaction with each other via quotations. Our Magento 2 Quote to Order Extension supports all Magento product types. Let's discover more detail below

Magento 2 Quote Extension Videos Tutorials:

How To Install Magento 2 Quotation Extension Fast - LandOfCoder Tutorials

How To Use Magento 2 Customer Quotation Extension Fast & Effectively | Landofcoder


Enjoyable Experiences For Customers

Ajax add to quote
Also, it supports "Ajax Add To Quote" that make submission process become much easier and comfortable
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Easy To Use Add to Quote
This Magento 2 Quote extension is really simple to use. Your customers can create, send and manage for the quote within few clicks.
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Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
Like Price section, our Magento 2 quote extension offer note/comment section that your customer can send you all the details you need to provide them with an accurate cost estimate for their project.
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Live Editor For Price
Request for quote magento 2 extension is also easy for customers to enter the custom price per product. The live editor allows you to edit price visually and directly.
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Automate Request For Quote Process
Now you can offer your customers an automatic RFQ process. When a client submits RFQ, both admin and your customers are notified by email. From the admin panel, store owners can create approve, reject and create order right away.

Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
Ease to make a remark for your Quotation for your message you want to send to owners.

Easy to Check Quote Request Process
With request for quote magento 2 extension, customer can login into their account to check quote request. At the same time, they can get email notification for RFQ status changes.

Save time and create better price proposals

Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
The magento quote to order allow admin to enable or disable "Quotation Section"

Enter custom prices per product
With our Magento 2 Quotation Extension, the customer can add the custom price for products to buy in bulk. Moreover, they can enter custom price for each product.

Add or delete products from the quote request
Magento quote to order is also easy for your customers to add or delete products from the quote request

Front-end Display

Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
With magento 2 quote module, you can display “add to quote” buttons for products on other pages like HomePage, Search Page

All Magento product types supported
  • Grouped Products
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Bundled Products,...

Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme
The magento 2 quote module is fully compatible with standard magento 2 theme and works flawlessly together with Magento's Luma theme

Internationalization & Localization
Our magento 2 Quote Extension makes it easy to build internationalized and localized quote section to the languages your customer are using.

Easy To Use
Convert a quote request to order using the admin panel
Both admin and customers can convert quote to an order in single click and process the order as the normal Magento 2 workflow

Quick Manager
  • Search for specific requests or customers
  • Change Request Status
  • Export to CSV/ XML File
  • Edit or Delete Request

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Send Beautiful Emails
  • Send reminder notification.

[New] Create Quote In The Backend
Our magento 2 quote extension support you to create quote in the backend. Then, the system will automatically send email notifications for customer. When customers accept, you will convert the quote into order for your customers

[New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated
  • Cancelled
  • Reviewed
  • Expired
  • Change Expired Date

[NEW] Add Tax for Quote
Admin can set tax for the quote at the backend and displayed it on Product detail page

Ease to show Total Quote Table
Show total quote table at the backend and frontend in neat and interesting. After submit a quote, customers can see total of quote include tax

(Coming Soon) Add shipping fee
Since shipping costs are complicated. A shipping quote is necessary. Customer can quote for a shipping charge, shipping cost, or shipping fee. Admin can give the estimated cost for shipping.

Fast speed with Magento Block Caching
It is never slow down your speed. Also, the extension support Magento block caching that helps to speed up your site significantly.

Enjoy Amazing Customer Experience With Us
What customer experiences you really want to get? happiness, sadness, joy, fear, interest, anger, or trust? Coming with us, you will get the most enjoyable customer experiences. Our dedicated support team always here to help if you have any issue.


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