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Stop Spam Bots from Impacting your Website | Magento Block User Extension | Knowband

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    Lightbulb Stop Spam Bots from Impacting your Website | Magento Block User Extension | Knowband

    The terms like "spam" and “bot” are more commonly used and heard in the networking world. But how much you know about the damages caused by these malicious bots to your business? Most eCommerce businesses require a strong web presence to generate online sales and revenue. Creating an attractive and efficient website is not an easy task but spoiliing your work is a matter of minutes for the spam bots. Therefore, the website owners must be totally aware about the various malicious actions that can bring harm to your website. Spam bots or users might be looking to steal your content, abuse site functionality and much more. Protect your site from fraudlents and malicious bots effortlessly by implementing Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension by Knowband.

    Knowband's Magento Block User Extension is an effective eCommerce solution that blocks the user/bot by IP address, country or user-agent and prevents the site from spammers and intruders.

    Features offered by Magento Block User extension by Knowband.

    1. Simple Install and Configure: Admin can effortlessly install and implement Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin on their store without any coding hassles.
    2. Enable/Disable: Store merchants can activate or deactivate the block bot functionality of the Magento spam blocker extension using the toggle switch provided at backend panel.
    3. Block Bot Options: Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension allows the store merchant to ban the user/bot on basis of their IP, country, or user-agent.
    4. Multi-lingual Support: Magento Block Bot module supports block bot functionality in multiple languages.
    5. Zero Code Hassles: Without any code changes, the admin can incorporate Magento Block User/bot by User Agent Extension on their store to restrict suspicious threats and spam activities.
    6. Block by IP: Admin can ban the spam users/bot by IP from the Block by IP section of the admin panel. They can block a particular IP or a range of IP address like or 10.*.*.*
    7. Easy Customizations: Magento spam IP blocker offers a feature-rich admin panel which is easily customizable, easing the admin in quickly blocking and unblocking the suspected users.
    8. Show Custom Message: With Magento Ip Spam Blocker Addon, admin can show a desired block message to the banned users. Later, this text can be edited from the backend panel of the block bot module.
    9. Block by Country: Magento Block User/bot by country extension lets you block the users of a specific country from viewing their website product and services.
    10. Header and Footer Information: Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin gives the admin the flexibility to show the header and footer content to the blocked user.
    11. Unblock Requests: With the help of Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension, admin can unblock a blocked user based on their unblocking request which can be managed from the backend.
    12. Block by User Agent: Magento Block User/bot by User Agent Extension lets the admin block a particular user agent like Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, MSN bot, Facebook, and others from Block by User Agent section of the blocker admin panel.
    13. List of Blocked Users: Magento Block User/bot by country extension lets you view and manage the list of customers who have been banished from entering the store along with their IP address. You can even edit the block setting for each customer.

    Magento block user/bot by IP, country or user agent extension link
    Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin admin demo
    Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin front demo
    Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension user manual
    Watch Video Tutorial

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