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8 Unmissable Tips to Optimize The Search Performance of your Magento 2 store

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    Default 8 Unmissable Tips to Optimize The Search Performance of your Magento 2 store

    Magento 2 is one of the widely used e-commerce platforms that delivers great flexibility and control to its users. Although, it offers an extensive array of powerful tools for building and managing an online store, but its modular architecture is known to carry some performance challenges that can reduce its speed overtime and effect usability.

    optimize the search performance of a Magento 2 store

    There are multiple ways to optimize the search performance of a Magento 2 store. In this blog, I will be sharing few upgrades that can help greatly in the performance optimization of your Magento 2 store and help improve its speed, responsiveness and search engine rankings.

    1. Setting Up Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    One of the key purposes of using a content delivery network is to enhance the users’ experience. A CDN is mainly a system of distributed servers that offers web content to users from multiple locations. For instance, the origin of the content in Cork, and the user is in Philippines, the user can download the content from the nearest local server of Philippines. Using CDN is one of the best options for those targeting the global audiences.

    2. Optimizing Images

    Using high-quality images are always recommended to enhance users’ engagement. However, use of too many heavy images can slow down the speed of the website. This is why it is advised to compress them before uploading them to the website. Before any image upload, make sure it’s compressed – there is no need for huge images beyond your layout capabilities. Also, pick the format that suits the most your needs. For ecommerce, with a tremendous amount of product images, it is even more crucial not to overload site. The suggestion we have for you: use JPEG format for Product images. It is way more suitable for pictures than other formats as you can compromise quality for less size. On the other hand, using PNG or SVG for layout and logo is way more beneficial. So use accordingly!

    3. Choose Fast Web Hosting

    Designing and development of the Magento powered eCommerce store is not enough. Choosing a good web host is important to ensure the good performance of your store on search engines.Fast Web HostingWhen it comes to choosing a web host, you must make sure the web host you are going to select must offer high-speed connection, maintain high-security standards, and offer quick support. After all, a dedicated server is required for ensuring an efficient performance of Magento eCommerce stores.

    4. Uninstall Unnecessary Extensions

    Using too many third-party extensions in the Magento store means more CSS sheets, HTTP requests, and JavaScript files. It is advised to customize any extension as per your business requirements in order to enhance the performance and functionality of your eCommerce store without affecting its speed. Besides, it is advised to use only those extensions that really meet your business needs.

    5. Optimize Customer Search Experience

    Basic Magento 2 search engine is quite better than ever before. But you still can improve it much more, using extensions. Since searching experience is one of the most important indicators for your customers, you should consider installing additional solution to increase orders number due to satisfying search results. You can refer this post : Optimize The Search Performance of your store with Magento 2 Search Extension

    6. Optimize Magento Website for Mobile
    Another vital factor in Magento 2 performance optimization is optimizing your store for mobile devices. Since typically, most optimization efforts tend to focus only on the desktop while neglecting smartphones and tablets. Graphical representation of U.S. mobile retail commerce sales as percentage of retail e-commerce sales from 2017 to 2021. It is therefore highly recommended that you invest in a responsive design for your Magento store, which can scale to fit different device screens.

    7. Clean Magento Logs

    Log cleaning feature is automatically disabled by the Magento backend. Logs about the frequently compared products and read pages are stored in the Magento database for more than 180 days. As too storage of data can burden Magento database, you need to clean Magento logs time to time to ensure the optional performance of the eCommerce store.These are only a few tricks and tweaks which you can use for Magento performance optimization. It would be great to approach an experienced and specialized company to amplify the performance of your Magento powered eCommerce store in an effortless and cost-effective manner.

    8. Magento Updates
    Do not forget to update your store. Magento team is constantly working hard on improvements of performance, so don’t miss out any!

    Let’s sum up the key points:

    Setting Up Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    Optimizing Images
    Choose Fast Web Hosting
    Uninstall Unnecessary Extensions
    Optimize Customer Search Experience
    Optimize Magento Website for Mobile
    Clean Magento Logs
    Magento Updates

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