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How to edit products in Magento 2 backend product grid

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    Default How to edit products in Magento 2 backend product grid

    Using Magento 2 Product Grid Inline Editor extension, you can edit products attributes inline directly on the list of products in grid.

    Key features of this module:

    - Edit product attributes in admin grid (change product name, price, quantity,...)

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    - Make all most product attribute types editable

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    - Take action on multiple rows (products) at once
    - Be able to edit a single cell only

    This extension is a perfect time-saving tool. You can visit HERE for more details.

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    Updating hundreds of products in Magento 2 is time-consuming, isn't it? You have to perform too many additional actions, for instance, find products, open each individually, then choose value to be added and finally save changes.

    The Advanced Product Grid extension for Magento 2 helps to edit product attributes directly in the product list.
    Read more about how to edit product attributes directly on the product grid in Magento 2.


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