The Buy Now Pay Later Extension For Magento enables your customers easy checkout through offline payments, which is integrated with Firstdata GGE4 Payeezy, PayPal and Payment gateways. Customers can place order without entering any payment details and automated email will be triggered to your customers to complete the order with Payment Page. Automated email will be triggered to customers, based on admin configuration in backend like email interval time and number of emails. Customers can complete the order using the Credit card or PayPal in payment page. Once customer has paid in payment page, the order status will be updated in your Magento website and alerted through customer automatic emails. Store owner can configure custom payment title in checkout page and payment page, based on store’s multi currency and multi language features.


The Buy Now Pay Later Extension For Magento allows your customer to pay later using PayPal account, Credit Card using Payeezy and Payment Gateways
Enables to send email alerts to customers with Payment Page URL in order to complete the payment
Easy to configure Site Order Status based on Order Payment Status
Integrated with PayPal, Payeezy and Payment Gateways
The Merchant can choose authorize only or authorize and capture transaction processes
Option to Choose supported Credit Card types from backend
The merchant can capture the authorized payments from the respective payment gateway merchant account
Notify your customers through email, until they complete the payment in your site
This module does not store card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues
Custom payment title option in Checkout page and Payment page
Compatible with multi store, multi currency and multi language

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