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Most of the store owners take the help of the developers to create and publish an eCommerce website. Some have a bit of coding knowledge while some are totally unknown to the coding structures of the website. Prestashop custom CSS and JS module by Knowband offers a simple option to add CSS and JS customizations to the existing pages of the eCommerce website. Quickly let's get down to the features of Prestashop custom CSS addon given below:

1. Custom CSS and JS plugin Prestashop allow the store admin to make quick customizations to the website appearance without the need of editing the existing code files.
2.Custom CSS module Prestashop reduces the complications in dealing with the CSS and JS files of the website.
3. Prestashop custom CSS addon adds modifications to CSS and JS for mobile devices only depending upon the requirements.
4. Admin can even implement the look and feel changes that are responsive for desktops only.
5. Using Prestashop Custom js addon, store admin may also choose to add customization changes for both desktop and mobile devices.
6. The custom CSS and JS plugin Prestashop let the admin add custom CSS and JS changes to a specific page of the website only.
7. The appearance and functionality changes using Prestashop custom CSS addon can be implemented to the overall Prestashop website.
8. Custom JS module Prestashop is easy to install and configure using the user manual which aids the admin in its proper and effortless implementation.
9. No need to depend on developers for adding customization features to your Prestashop store. You can simply do it yourself with Prestashop custom CSS and JS module.

User Manual for Prestashop custom CSS and JS module

Admin Demo for Prestashop custom CSS and JS module

Front Demo for Prestashop custom CSS and JS module

Video Tutorial for Prestashop custom CSS and JS module

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