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Point of Sale (POS) for Magento

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    Default Point of Sale (POS) for Magento

    I know that Magento is mainly about e-commerce, but many Magento retailers have brick-and-mortar stores, too (and many online retailers are opening or plan to open their physical stores as a way to complement their businesses). And if you're one of them, I'm sure that you need a Point of Sale software that can work with Magento out-of-the-box. So let me introduce our Magento POS, ConnectPOS, that is compatible with M1 (1.8 and above) and M2 (2.1 and above).

    ConnectPOS is the high-speed Magento POS that helps capture in-store sales and synchronize database in real time between POS and Magento. It connects to Magento via API so its working speed is not affected by Magento while it still utilizes your Magento database and setup.

    Main Features:
    1. Product & Inventory Management:
    ConnectPOS shares the same catalogs with your online stores, even the attributes of the products (prices and promotions, taxes, inventory) are synced fully so you can start selling right away and don't have to worry about product mismatch. It is integrated with Multi-warehouse inventory for multi-store retailers can view the stock level at each different stores and warehouses.

    2. Order & Checkout:
    • Intuitive user interface and simple flows make it easy for you to create orders and check out for customers. You can quickly add a product to cart by searching, clicking on it or scanning its barcode. If a product is not available in the database yet, add it with Custom Sale.
    • Apply many types of discount manually if you want: discount by % or flat rate on selected items or the whole cart or apply coupons. Gift cards and rewards points are available to use upon payment.
    • Integrated payments and non-integrated payments are available. Payment methods integrated are: PayPal Here, iZettle, Authorize.Net, Payment Express and Tyro. Split Tenders and Layaway can be used for both payments.
    • Refund and exchange items for dissatisfied customers
    • Home delivery, send cart to wishlist, add notes and save and retrieve onhold orders
    • Create orders in Offline Mode when there is no Internet. Orders in Offline Mode will be synced automatically to Magento when the Internet is back.

    3. Customer Management
    • Check out as guest, search for an existing customer or create a new one in POS. The newly added customer will be synced automatically to Magento.
    • Check lifetime values and rewards points of an existing customer
    • Search their online orders

    4. Reports
    Order List with filters to quickly find the orders you need
    Shift Reports: X report and Z report
    Basic and Advanced Sales Reports: Revenue, Store, Register, Inventory, etc.

    5. Multi-store Management
    • Add new stores and registers during peak season to sell more
    • Assign warehouses and storeviews to each store, know the stock of any item at a store and manage multi-warehouse inventory at ease
    • Customize receipts and config the language displayed

    We'd like to invite you to try our ConnectPOS - learn more and register for a free trial on our website:

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