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Magento Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband

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    Post Magento Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband

    Automatically add next pages to the single page and saves the users from full page load. Infinite scroll is one must have functionality, especially on an e-commerce store. If you own a Magento store then you should try this Magento Infinite Scroll Extension. This fast scroll extension replaces the pagination from your store and offers smooth shopping experience as well.

    Let’s take a look at the features offered by Magento endless scroll extension:

    1. Fully Customizable Interface: The store admin can easily customize the fast scroll extension according to his store theme. He can even add custom CSS to it to make it more attractive.

    2. Show Message at the end of the page: The Magento fast scroll module allows the store admin to display end page page message when the loading of all the product is done.

    3. Customization of End Page Message: The store admin can customize the end page message as per his preferences. If he wants then he can disable the end page message as well.

    4. Link to “Go To Top”: The Magento quick scroll extension provides the store owner to display the “Go To Top” link which when clicked the users will jump directly to the top of the webpage.

    5. Scroll Type: The Magento fast scroll extension allows the store admin to select which type of scroll he wants to display at the product listing page, i.e. Infinite Scrolling and Load More Link.

    6. Loading Message: The Magento endless scroll extension allows the store admin to display the loading message while loading the products. He can customize the loading message as well.

    7. Toolbar Display: The Magento infinite scroll module offers the admin to display the toolbar on the product listing page.

    8. Sandbox Testing: The respective Magento module offers Sandbox testing feature to the admin. So that, they can test the module before making it online.

    9. Compatibility: The Magento fast scroll extension is compatible with SSL enabled website.

    Watch the video tutorial below:

    Find more details about this Magento Endless Scroll Extension below:

    Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Link
    Magento Infinite Scroll Extension User Manual
    Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Admin Demo
    Magento Infinite Scroll Extension Front Demo

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    Waoo! Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing. All these are really very useful extensions.

    You can also try these extensions for your next eCommerse website: Best Magento 2 Extensions That Will Make Purchase Process Easier .

    These extensions will help your customer quicker and easier purchase process.

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    Thanks for sharing!

    The Infinite Scroll extension for Magento 2 allows to load catalog pages with products automatically.
    Check out the Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 DEMO


    Auto loading of pages with products
    Load products via the customized "Load More" button
    Show the "Back to Top" button
    Change labels for the "Product Amount", "Pager" and "Back to Top" buttons
    Upload a loading image
    Set custom jQuery selectors to customize the functionality for any custom theme
    Enable auto loading on catalog pages, search pages and advanced search pages
    SEO-friendly Module

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