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Magento Admin App: A Perfect Way to Manage Ecommerce Store Activities

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    Default Magento Admin App: A Perfect Way to Manage Ecommerce Store Activities

    MageMob Admin is one such Mobile App for Magento 2 that keeps you on the top of your store activities 24/7. This includes activities like customer order management, sales report creation, order tracking etc.To be able to manage your Magento Store backend on the move, you need a robust Magento admin manger.

    Here are the some of the ways in which Magento Admin App can help you manage your store activities seamlessly and help ecommerce store owners to manage their store in a glitch-free way.

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    1. View Activities through Dashboard
    With the help of MageMob Admin’s dashboard, you can obtain details about all these stores through interactive charts.

    2. Manage Customers Seamlessly
    All you need to do is make the most out of “Customers” module in your mobile. Thereafter, you can click on the “Add Customer” icon and provide the details about your customers. You can also edit any information related to your customers at any point of time.

    3. Manage Customer Reviews
    You just need to navigate to the menu of “Reviews” module. Thereafter, you can go to the “All Reviews” tab and “Approve” or “Reject” reviews as you want. To delete a review, you can click on “Delete” icon from the detail page of review.

    4. Manage Products
    For managing the products, you need to navigate to “Products” module. This will display the list of already created products. You can add new product by clicking on the “Add Product” icon and enter information about the products. If you want to make changes to the product information, you can click on the edit icon and do the needful.

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