Adding more data means that your site may be overloaded or slower. Need to manage the cache to solve this problem. For example, by clearing your cache, you can protect your personal information and help your app run faster.

With different uses, all 10 types of Cache are effective in improving the speed, helping your Store perform better.

3 steps to manage cache in Magneto 2

Step 1: Access to Cache Management
On the left side of menu, choose System
Select Cache Management
Access to Cache Management

Step 2: Select the Page Cache {#step-2-select page-cache}
In the drop-down list Actions , select Disable
Click the top check box to select all
Then click Submit
Select the Page Cache

Step 3: Click Flush Magento Cache
To make sure the cache is cleared completely, click Flush Magento Cache
Flush Magento Cache

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